Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How large is the total Whitehall property?

A: Approximately 20 acres.

Q: How large is the proposed park?

A: That is being negotiated but is presently 10 acres.

Q: Where on the property is the park proposed?

A: The tip of the parcel, waterfront closest to the city of Beaufort.

Q: What type of park will it be?

A: The current plan calls for it to be a "Passive Park"

Q: What is a passive park?

A: There are many definitions of a passive park, but it generally means that the park will be minimally changed from its natural state. Details are yet to be determined but Beaufort County has a team dedicated to monitoring and creating parks. Public input is planned and "Friends of." will continue to work with the county.

The county definition of passive park is

Recreation requiring little or no physical exertion focusing on the enjoyment of one’s natural surroundings.

Q: How much will it cost and who is negotiating it?

A: Beaufort County Open Land trust is negotiating a price. They have stated that the price will be less than the Appraised value based upon a 3rd party. (Tax assessment value is used for tax calculations)

Q:How can we make a donation?

A: We are working on an automated payment method to make it easy to donate. In the meantime, please send us a note of your interest to: FriendsofWhitehallPark@gmail.com and we will get back to you.

Q: How can I ask more questions?

A: Email us at: FriendsofWhitehallPark@gmail.com and we will get back to you.