FAQ Friends of Whitehall Park in Beaufort

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Park open?

A: YES!!! From dawn to dusk.

Q: What is the park status?

A: Per the County website:

Beaufort County is collaborating with the City of Beaufort, the Beaufort County Open Land Trust, and the Friends of Whitehall Park on the creation of a conceptual master plan for public access and passive recreation.

Beginning in January 2021, the City of Beaufort will provide maintenance of the property, as per the terms of the lease agreement. The Friends of Whitehall Park also work closely with the County and the City on volunteer activities and fundraisers.

Immediate property improvements include periodic mowing, solid waste/debris removal, and a temporary entrance sign. Additional park access and recreation information will be coming in the future. Please stay tuned for updates as they become available, and thank you for your patience!

Q.  What is the status of the Bridge Connector to Beaufort?

A: The project is underway and in the design and permitting stage.

Q: Where can I park?

A: For the moment, park where you can safely place your vehicle. In the near future parking will be designated.

Q:What about the lawsuit?

A:The lawsuit has no impact on our ownership. The citizens of Beaufort County own the park...PERPETUALLY! Our nearly 10 acres are protected. The lawsuit has no impact on our ownership.

Q: Will the park be improved?

A: The park will be preserved as a PASSIVE Park and will preserve its natural beauty. A master plan is being developed which will include things such as parking, trails, benches and swings. Stay tuned.

Q: How can I make suggestions about the Park?

A: Write to us at  friendsofwhitehallpark@gmail.com and Stefanie Nagid, Passive Parks Manager at snagid@bcgov.net. During the design phase public meetings will b e held to provide input.

Q: What is the status of the Park design?

A: A request for proposal for Conceptual  Design has been established by the County and bids are being accepted until 7/31/2019. Friends of Whitehall are participating in the selection process and will continue as part of the ongoing steering committee..

Q: Will there be a traffic light at the entrance or at Meridian Road?

A: We don't know the answer at this point.  The SC Department of Transportation controls all signaling and access points to State roads including US 21. As part of the comprehensive Stantec traffic report, the State and the County are evaluating all traffic related issues and Meridian Road will be part of that review.

If you have additional questions, please contact Joshua Johnson at JohnsonJA@scdot.org or Rob McFee at rmcFee@bcgov.net.

Q:What is the conservation easement?

A:-The conservation easement (certain property rights owned forever) is held by the Beaufort County Open Land Trust:

 -The Conservation Easement is permanent on the property.

 - The conservation easement stays in place - the property is protected forever.

 -Significant restrictions are placed on this property preventing development and restricting the square footage of buildings to extremely small levels.

-Impermeable materials such as roofs, asphalt roads and concrete are limited to approximately 2.5% of the property and will be further limited primarily to locations away from the water.

Q What are some benefits to the environment of the park vs development?

- Little change from current, natural state

- Saves ancient live oak trees

- Permeable trails and parking

-Water runoff virtually eliminated

-Removes impermeable roadways within park

-Fill is not required for roads

-Trees will not be "welled" due to raised property levels due to fill

-Minimal tree root disturbance

-Eliminates underground cisterns in park.

Q: How can I ask more questions?

A: Email us at:  FriendsofWhitehallPark@gmail.com and we will get back to you.

Q: Who are members of the Board of Friends of Whitehall Park?

Paul Butare, Chairman

Dr. Caroline Fermin

Pat Harvey-Palmer

Dr. Trudi Kissiah

Robert Semmler

Mark Weeks


Delk Haigler

Barbara Holmes

Michael Murphy

David Prichard

Paul Sommerville

Q: How can I subscribe to the newsletter?

A: Click on the heading above "Subscribe"

Q: Is there an opportunity to contribute to the Friends?

A: Yes! you may make tax deductible contributions to our 501c3 fund The Community Foundation of the Lowcountry.