City Council meeting

Please attend the City Council meeting Tuesday September 18th, 7 PM at City Hall.

A vote will be taken to approve or reject the maintenance of Whitehall Park.

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Why Whitehall Park?


The park has magnificent Ancient Live Oaks in a setting abutting water and scenic marsh views

Nearby Facilities

The balance of the development will include shops and restaurants within the Whitehall property outside the park.

Improved environmental impact

The park plan reduces the density of the project and eliminates scores of residences. That could reduce the traffic by hundreds of cars a day as compared to the current approved plan.

About Us

What is our objective

We are a community-based organization focused on helping to make Whitehall Park a reality and to make it a special place for our entire community.

How can you help?

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Who are we?

 We're a group of  interested citizens hoping to help make Whitehall Park a reality, and to provide ongoing support for the park.

We intend to complement and supplement other local organizations. Our mission is confined to one objective...Whitehall Park.

Our Board

Paul Butare
Dr. Caroline Fermin
Dr. Trudi Kissiah
Kathy Mixon
Pat Harvey-Palmer 
Robert Semmler
Mark Weeks

Open land trust announcement

Here's the Press release from the open land trust

Article in the Gazette

  Article on Whitehall

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Whitehall Park

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